Chuck Briggs is God

This page is dedicated to the memory of Punk Rock Legend Chuck Briggs and the Dischords.

Dischords Band Members:

Chuck Briggs – Guitar
Chris Engle – Bass
Scott Kelems – Drums
Andy – Vocals

Chuck Briggs
Chuck Briggs

Dischords MP3s

Bad Habits

Side A

When You’re Young
Just Another Day

Side B

Truth Comes Out
Dirty Habits
Amphetamine Love

Lost Tapes

Carbon Copy
I’m a Punk Rocker
Now You’ll Pay the Price
Police Abuse

Disclaimer is providing these MP3s free of charge. is not profiting from this in any way. This is really great music and just wants everyone to be able to hear Chuck and the Dischords. If you have any issues with the content published here please contact We do not wish to offend or break any laws. 

Note: has done its best in recording these songs from their original sources. If you have better original recordings, especially the Lost Tape songs please let us know, we would love to have better copies of them. 

We have also lost the sleeve to our Dirty Habits EP. If you have the EP sleeve, we would like a scan of it. 
Any other Dischords information would also be appreciated.

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