These are sites that are worth visiting.
General Interest
Suck -- Be sure to check out Filler every Wednesday!
Salon -- A little toffee nosed but, good reading.
Salon Comics -- Be sure to check out the K Chronicles by Keith Knight
Mired -- That's Mired with an "M"
Lance -- Stories by Randy Fairbanks
Maximag -- Feminism 1999
Jamie Zawinski -- Check out the Output section.
Macintosh Related
MacInTouch -- Read it everyday.
MacFixIt -- This one too.
deal-mac -- Deals on all kinds of Macintosh goodies.
MacSurfer's Headline News -- All the Mac news that's fit to print.
Apple's Stock on Yahoo -- We should have bought it when it was at 13.
MacKiDo -- Powerful Macintosh related information.
MacOS Rumors -- You heard it here first.
Palm Related
3Com Palm Computing -- Palm Computing's Web Site
PilotZone -- Good source for Palm Software. -- Deals on Palm Organizers and more!
Web Design
Jakob Nielsen's Website -- Not a pretty site but, he knows his stuff.
Glassdog -- All the stuff Jakob Nielsen says not to do.
Lynda Weinmans' Website -- Web Safe Colors and their corresponding Hex Code.
Web Site Garage -- Diagnostics of your website.
Beyond the Status Quo
Grass Roots -- Ecologically sound clothing and accessories. Hemp and organic cotton.
Natura Pet Food -- Naturally preserved health food for dogs and cats.
Seal Beach Animal Care Center -- This is a wonderful no kill shelter in Seal Beach, CA. If you want to adopt a cat or dog, please consider a shelter animal. Here are the two monsters we adopted.

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