What is it about Hollywood that insists on pairing men who have one hip in the grave with women barely out of diapers? Clint Eastwood's portrayal as a roguish Romeo could not have been less believable or palatable. From the opening scene, it is uncomfortable to watch this elderly man make a clumsy pass at a nubile young coworker. It is amazing that the makers of this movie expect us to believe the only reason she turns him down is because he is married. It has more to do with the liver spots on his hand as he shakes to light a cigarette.

The movie goes downhill from here. The story is cliche and far too predictable. If you saw "The Player" by Robert Altman, think of the scene where Bruce Willis saves Julia Roberts. You get the idea.

If you want to see Clint Eastwood in a May-December romance, you would be better off watching, "In the Line of Fire". In this movie he pursues Renee Russo, but the age difference is addressed and he conducts himself with more dignity.

It is time for Clint Eastwood and men of his generation to go be proud of their age and their accomplishments. It is getting uncomfortable to watch 70 year old men pretend to be the lustful men of their youth and chase women whose mothers weren't even born when they made their first movie. I for one never need to see Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas or Woody Allen making love again. Please gentlemen, keep your clothes on!

Shelby Cobra


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